Sr&Ed Assistance and Contract Payments Policy

July 10, 2023

SR&ED Assistance and Contract Payments Policy: A Guide for Businesses

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is a tax incentive program offered by the Canadian government to encourage research and development (R&D) in businesses of all sizes. The program provides tax credits and refunds to companies that invest in R&D activities related to the development of new products or processes. To help businesses access these benefits, the government offers SR&ED assistance and contract payments policy.

What is SR&ED Assistance?

SR&ED assistance is a set of resources provided by the Canadian government to help businesses navigate the SR&ED program. The program is complex and can be difficult to understand, which is why the government has created a range of tools and services to assist with the application process. These resources include:

1. Online Portal: The online SR&ED portal is a comprehensive resource that provides access to information, forms, and interactive tools related to the program. It includes a library of resources, such as guides, videos, and case studies, to help businesses understand the program and prepare their applications.

2. Technical Advisors: The government offers technical advisors to assist businesses with technical questions related to their SR&ED applications. These advisors have expertise in a range of fields, such as engineering, chemistry, and software development, and can provide valuable insights and advice to businesses.

3. Pre-Claim Consultation: Pre-claim consultation is a service that allows businesses to discuss their proposed SR&ED activities with government experts before submitting their claims. This service can help businesses identify eligible activities and expenses and ensure that their claims are properly prepared.

What are Contract Payments?

Contract payments are a form of financial support provided by the Canadian government to businesses that engage in SR&ED activities. The payments are intended to help businesses cover the costs of conducting R&D activities and can be used to pay for a range of expenses, such as salaries, materials, and equipment. Contract payments are typically provided as part of a larger project or program and are subject to a range of conditions and requirements.

The government`s contract payment policy is designed to ensure that businesses use the funds effectively and in accordance with the terms of their agreements. To receive contract payments, businesses must demonstrate that they are making progress towards their project goals and that they are meeting the program requirements. The government may also conduct audits of businesses to ensure that the funds are being used as intended and that the projects are on track.


The SR&ED program is a valuable resource for businesses looking to invest in R&D activities. However, the program can be complex and challenging to navigate, which is why the government offers SR&ED assistance and contract payments policy. By taking advantage of these resources, businesses can access the financial support they need to conduct R&D activities and achieve their innovation goals. If you are interested in learning more about the SR&ED program or need assistance with your application, contact a qualified SR&ED consultant today.