Fire Buster Pro Home Fire Fighting System

May 18, 2021


130 gallons a minute… at 108 PSI… to effectively protect and water down all vegetation to even include your neighbors home to further increase your defensible space exponentially!

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Click Cal Fire’s “Defensible Space” Inspection, “Ready Set Go!” and NFPA’s FIREWISE instructional videos including the site that support your NEED to obtain this incredible Home Fire Protection system; a first that provides both minimum pressure and proper volume (flow) capable of supporting BOTH fire attack handlines including the optional Exterior Sprinkler System as demonstrated at:


The HFT Fire Buster! The BEST unit on the market to utilize the water of dozens of fire engines stored in any backyard pool or installed standard stationary tank to operate both Fire Hose handlines and a Fire Hose and Exterior Sprinkler System that effectively protects your home and property within the bubble of a continuous distribution of micro-water droplets in a 360-degree spray pattern at all points on the perimeter of the rooftop to track into all areas exactly where literally any burning ember can possibly reach!


In that a rainbird system sprays huge water droplets in only one direction, micro-droplets are continuously sprayed in a 14 ft. diameter circle placed every ten (10′) feet at a rooftop’s complete perimeter angled 30 degrees from vertical to reach well to the ground and up over the top to be wind-driven into every nook and cranny a burning ember could possibly find.


Take it from a professional career 20+ year firefighter [Fire Captain (med-ret.)] who’s been on countless Structure Protection Strike Teams to know first hand that you can NEVER rely on any fire engine to be close enough to protect our home when a wildland interface fire burns through. And even though each fire truck has approximately 250 to 500 gallons of water in its tank, not one drop is useful until after hose lines are placed to protect all sides of a threatened structure during severe wildland (forest) fire conditions.


If they are not available, especially when conditions quickly demise during the initial reporting period, you can be left totally defenseless with no recourse but to rely on luck as your home and property faces incredible heat energy sure to ignite everything in its path.


Question: Do you swim alone… SCUBA dive alone… or ever consider fighting fire alone!?!


No! This is an industry first with TWO (2) HOSE LINES AS STANDARD equipment.


Maintain your ground until ordered to evacuate with confidence that you have purchased a pump that can be operated by trained personnel who will determine your home as a “SAVE” because it is so well equipped to protect itself like no other! To have literally HOURS of water to support two (2) fire hose lines or a primary hose line and a complete fire sprinkler system, there is no other system like it on the market today!


130 gallons a minute… at 108 PSI… to effectively protect and water down all vegetation to even include your neighbors home to further increase your defensible space exponentially!


…or 230 Gallons Per Minute at 115 PSI with an electric start to be operated by cell phone and/or remote fire detection system to support a much bigger rooftop footprint… or a secondary outbuilding/structure such as an “in-law” home… and TWO (2) 48 GPM Handlines to effectively SAVE your property with the ability for both nozzle persons to protect themselves.


Once purchased and placed on your property, notify your local fire department you now have a CONFIRMED PRESSURIZED WATER SOURCE. They will register your address on their response maps that your home has a FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION that is capable of filling literally dozens of fire trucks from a standard pool or large water storage tank/facility.


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It’s your home…. it’s your heirlooms… it’s your choice!

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130 GPM @ 108 PSI – Supports two fire hoses and sprinkler system, 230 GPM @ 115 PSI – Electric start high-pressure pump – Supports two fire hoses and LARGER home sprinkler system

Additional STRAIGHT WYE Connector(s) with 1-1/2" X 100' Hose (OPTIONAL)

No additional hoses, One (1) additional 1 1/2" X 100' Hose (+$250), Two (2) additional 1 1/2" X 100' Hoses (+$500), One (1) additional 1 1/2" X 100' Hose with Wye Connector and Nozzle (+$300), Two (2) additional 1 1/2" X 100' Hoses with connector and Nozzle (+$550)