May 02, 2022

Nature’s Incredible Remedy

Natural Cancer Intervention – starts with the BEST nutrition shake on the planet:

…to supplement what God directed Adam to include in his daily diet.

Genesis 1:29 – “And God said, ‘Behold I have given every herb-bearing seed which is upon the face of all of the earth and every tree, in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed:  To you it shall be your meat.'”
Can it truly be this simple?  A natural occurring element that we have been instructed to include in our daily diet to maintain our health to its fullest.  Question is, “How long has it been since you did?”
Do you or a loved one presently suffer from a now very common medical condition from the significant out-of-control reproduction of cells in the form of benign cysts and/or up to very aggressive cancerous tumors?”  

  • Please click here to view and/or print the PDF file format of this informative article investigating the facts regarding cancer and today’s recognized acceptable yet ALWAYS inadequate treatment interventions.
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  • The root issue why natural remedies for any medical condition will NEVER be FDA approved. Do you have the $100,000,000 to do so!?! Get the FACTS!
  • Cancer’s Birthday! Thank you Disney! GET THE TRUTH that was foundational to the Doctor’s of that time to TEACH each parent to WARN THEIR KIDS THE IMPORTANCE TO SPIT OUT ALL THE SEEDS! …especially Watermelons! …in which today Monsanto has INVENTED the SEEDLESS watermelon so Mom doesn’t have to LIE for the Doctors of today! …WHO SURVIVE ON SALES COMMISSIONS FROM THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES committed ONLY TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!! GET INFORMED!!! GET REAL!!! GET ANGRY!!! TAKE ACTION!!!
  • First we need to get a clear, rational, simple, full understanding about what cancer is and is not. It is the result of an out-of-control reproduction of cells that replace the cells that die off.  We replace every cell in our bodies countless times over but for things to continue to go smoothly it must remain at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Masses are formed when our bodies are unable to maintain the proper replacement ratio.  What defines a benign cyst from aggressive cancer is simply the rate in which the mass of extra radical cells grow within that particular area of the body.
  • When a doctor says it began as lung cancer and it spread to the brain, he is misleading as the condition did not travel up a patients neck past his or her spinal column to the brain, but rather the cancer within the brain was not detectable by today’s standards and equipment until the signs and symptoms finally revealed themselves there also. Cancer is no different than being hit with an airless paint gun in which it will pool in certain areas first. Our medical apparatus is only as sensitive as it is to see these “pools” caused by excessive reproduction of cells far outside the normal 1:1 ratio.
  • Now that we have a better understanding what cancer is and isn’t, let’s look at recommendations to maintain a happy and healthy body.  Genesis 1:29 is pretty clear no matter what version it is written.  God said to Adam to eat fruits and vegetables and the seeds shall be his meat.  I ask, “When was the last time you recall eating a seed purposely?”  Please take this opportunity to recall for a moment what your mother said when you were a child eating a watermelon for the first time.  What was it that she said?  “Eat and enjoy but by all means spit out the seeds!” When we asked, “Why?” her likely response was, “Watermelon vines will grow from your tummy out of your ears! Do you want to look like a fool at school in front of all your friends!?!”
  • Well, maybe not verbatim for you but that’s how I recall my first instructions from my mother who demanded unprecedented adherence every time I was to eat a juicy slice of watermelon full of seeds.  Nothing less was to be tolerated but the fear of looking like a fool with vines coming out of my ears at the age of five was more than I could bear! I truly believed that was possible!  No matter where I was I remembered her message that I was to NEVER EVER eat any seeds of any kind from that day forward which has simply become a lifelong habit that I never questioned.  Mission accomplished!
  • So let’s take a good look at that for a moment.  I’m 53 years old now and I know for a fact that vines, nor tree limbs, will ever grow out of my ears but I do recall the importance my mother instilled in me to never waiver from her extremely strict command to never ingest seeds whatsoever. Why would our mothers emphasize such a demand?  What’s ironic is the incidence of cancer since the late 1950’s has sky-rocketed out of control to levels never anticipated by comparison.  Let alone countless other medical conditions from autism to diabetes in our children and young adults to Alzheimer’s in our old as well.  So I ask, “Is it possible there is a connection here?”
  • Just take a look at this YouTube video regarding an unpatentable proven cancer treatment product as “DCA” at:
  • Let’s again try to ground ourselves in reality and look at the billions upon billions that is invested in cancer research and treatment not including the monies that are further spent by families in food, travel, and lost wages to support a cancer victim when traveling to and from the world’s most renowned treatment centers. This further drives the message home that there is no money to be rewarded to any one entity exclusively unless such an idea or concept can be patented.
  • If there is no money to be made as there clearly is none in a natural occurring element, such as apricot kernels which can be purchased for a mere $30.00 a month, then “they” are simply not interested and nothing will be done to endorse and therefore do anything to further medical progress in this area for a natural remedy.  Their hands are tied simply because of the millions its takes for FDA testing and final approval just to clear something that then anyone would be able to distribute in a totally free market. Even me!  Just go to:  And no, I have no connection to this source whatsoever other than my source where I purchase mine.
  • No sole proprietorship… no exclusive profit to recover the millions that must be invested for FDA testing and approval!  They are clearly not in business to produce a result… but rather in business to flourish and remain in business by ‘producing’ the next exclusive patented products well into the next century!
  • Another notable fact we need to get is the people of the Hunza Valley in the Himalayan Mountains have absolutely no incidence of cancer whatsoever!  You can look up the links on the internet if you choose but to summarize their diet it is best described as:
  • “….. in their natural, primitive state, exhibited perfect mental and physical health……..They lived on fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, dried fruits, legumes, wholegrain foods and goats’ cheese and butter. Meat was only eaten on ceremonial occasions, this is, infrequently. Everything was organically grown in mineral rich soils. In their way of life, there was no refined sugar, no pasteurization of milk, no hydrogenation of oils, no chemical fertilizer, no chlorination or fluoridation of water and no inoculation”.
  • It would appear these folks wrote the book on proper diet and how to live long and happy lives ingesting only exactly what is written in Genesis 1:29.  Especially the fact that these people consume apricot kernels (inside the hard wooden pit) as a delicatessen included in their food intake every day.
  • Let me emphasize these two words again: FOOD INTAKE!
  • This is merely a simple adjustment to one’s diet! 100% All-Natural organic apricot kernels – A natural occurring food.  These can be ordered from anywhere on the globe that has internet access and shipped to your door in a matter of hours after hitting the send key. You are simply supplementing your current food intake to include apricot kernels – one of ‘Nature’s Incredible Remedies.’
  • I went on the American Cancer Society website one late night to visit one of many chat rooms available.  After introducing myself and making small talk to get a feel for who was there with me (a cancer survivor, spouse of a cancer victim, a surviving family member of a deceased cancer victim), I made the simple mention, “Has anyone on here heard about the research and medical breakthroughs regarding apricot kernels?”
  • Without any hesitation, all three slammed me and typed at me that any mention at all of apricot kernels on this site would cause all four of us to be banned from the website FOREVER!  For LIFE!  My suspicions were immediately verified that I had stepped on some really BIG toes that are not in any way committed to finding a viable natural remedy, but rather maintaining a well lubricated multi-billion dollar money machine!   For there exists a no more effective method to pull on the heart strings of loved ones to create the willingness to transfer all of one’s monetary resources to a cause such as “Finding the cure” as a family who is left standing by as they helplessly watch one of its members slowly die of cancer.  Cancer facilities and treatment centers are unknowingly stifled with no other recourse but to treat with the latest PATENTABLE medications and procedures.
  • For they will never produce a synthetic apricot tree that is capable of producing tens of thousands of apricots in its life time as the naturally occurring ones do every day everywhere across the globe.  It takes literally every molecule of a 100% complete kernel to produce an apricot tree that grows and flourishes just as it takes every molecule of the same kernel that your body needs to regulate cell reproduction at the required 1:1 ratio.  Who knows what the other benefits your body may receive from ingesting apricot kernels and other seeds of this nature – a cure for diabetes or Alzheimer’s?  We may never know as the possibilities could be countless!
  • Please understand that I am merely a medically retired Fire Captain/Peace Officer and Father.  I am not trained above the certification as an Emergency Medical Technician – 1A (Basic), nor do I claim to be a Physician or anything close to an Oncologist by today’s standards.  I am however very experienced in assisting many cancer victims who have all lived well past and continue to live normal lives far beyond their expected “expiration date.”  Many of whom who were able to terminate and/or avoid radiation or chemotherapy treatments altogether.
  • The pages that follow are inspired by the miraculous recovery my step-son had at age 11 when he was given less than four and a half months to live back in 1995.  He suffered a terminal astrocytoma tumor located in his brain stem that at the time was considered inoperable.  Because he had had more radiation than any child his age on the planet at that time, he began to show the symptoms of significant swelling of the affected area that normally occurs approximately eight (8) months after a “Gamma Knife” procedure is performed.  It wasn’t long before he began losing sensation beginning at his finger tips and toes extending up his extremities at a rate of about one quarter (1/4”) a day.  In a matter of a few weeks he found himself stumbling over his feet and unable to effectively grip even a small glass of milk.
  • Upon consulting UC San Francisco Medical Center where he had been treated for the previous four years, it was determined that surgery was the only option to decrease the swelling to hopefully improve his quality of life.  The surgical procedure lasted over 10 hours.  There was no way to remove the tumor in its entirety given it had many tentacles extending in all directions from its core.  The first night was extremely challenging as it became difficult to maintain his vital signs within reasonable limits.  However, the second day presented much worse as he suffered a two hour seizure that afternoon!
  • Literally every effort was made to stop the seizure until the written authorization was finally approved to try a highly radical medication which was extracted from its secured cabinet. It quit the moment the needle hit the IV.  Now we didn’t know if he was going to get through the next hour let alone the weeks ahead. But to fast forward after he recovered enough to participate in mild physical therapy before we brought him home paralyzed on the whole left side of his body, unable to open his eyes, and 85 pounds over-weight from all the steroids and other medication he was taking on an hourly basis.
  • The world’s best pediatric oncologists at UCSF recommended we put him in a home and let him “expire” so we could begin to give a more fulfilling life to his younger sister at age six.  Not on our watch!  Thank God his mother and I were able to provide the 24/7 care he needed, all in part as a result of 1000 hours of donated leave time from other empathetic and extremely generous State employees and my schedule as a Correctional Fire Captain at a prison facility which granted me 22 days off every month.
  • The awesome story to all of this is that we taught him how to live just one more day beyond yesterday into tomorrow and kept him focused on his future of being the best he could be regardless if he was stuck in some wheelchair the rest of his life or not.  That it was not he who was giving up, but merely we all had to come to terms it was his body that was failing him at a rate faster than all of us had hoped and prayed for.
  • Four months turned into six and six turned into ten and upon his final evaluation at UCSF it was determined that the tumor had miraculously somehow disappeared through the love of all those who prayed and pulled for him!  Seven churches were directly involved as well as many other foundations such as ‘Make a Wish’ and ‘Ronald McDonald House.’  Today he lives in a facility that best fulfills his needs as he is essentially as a five year old in some areas of development and up to maybe a ten year old in others. He is a living testimony that incredible love and commitment will always trump the enormity of any mountain before us!
  • Let me assert I have been blessed to provide much assistance to combatting this battle of fighting the effects of out-of-control-reproduction-of-cells for many friends and associates and their contacts over the years. But please consider who influences your doctors the most out there?  Pharmaceutical companies with billions upon dollars in their deep pockets to “encourage” your doctor into believing they have the latest wonder drug that will do it all better, faster, and more effective than ever before beating the competition hands down… but always with a HUGE price!
  • It’s only going to be the newest PATENTED substance out there!  Their exclusive latest money maker!  But after viewing the video referenced above you now understand it is NOT about the cure… but rather the money generated from having a patentable product or process to pay the millions the FDA requires for their approval to make the world turn only their way.  You can now see the nature of the beast simply undermines their very own efforts and therefore any commitment to find a natural end to this killer disease now at epidemic proportions if a profit can’t be turned – a simple fact of life we are victim to.
  • So to finish, just let me share a few testimonials from my personal experience of helping others with this condition.  Let me assert that there is great hope for you and/or a loved one just as there has been for everyone (100%) of these people who have chosen to participate in this method to resolve this little bump in the road called out-of-control reproduction of cells.  The regulator has been known for millenniums but the pharmaceutical companies have their hands tied and can’t let you in on it because it will never be supported by the almighty dollar.  It’s just what is!  Perhaps someday this industry will fall to its knees when this information finally gets disseminated past the wall of the coerced and brainwashed physicians and oncologists who believe whole heartedly from the incredible influence of billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that synthetics and only synthetics are the answer.
  • Consider the fact that Malaysia’s top oncologist  Albert Lim Kok Hooirecently died of cancer in March of 2013 as well as Dr. John Murren who was Chief of the Yale Medical Oncology Outpatient Clinic and Director of the Lung Cancer Unit at the Yale Cancer Center died of cancer in December of 2005.  Would you not agree that if they had the real answers to cancer treatment that they would have done more for themselves to avert such a fate of the slow, miserable death of cancer? Even they were so engrossed in the conversation produced by the big pharmaceutical companies that drugs are the only answer that they too were unable to consciously look outside the box as you are here.  I congratulate you on your courage to read further and act accordingly!
  • Now don’t get me wrong.  I honestly believe these medical staff truly have your best interest at heart as very compassionate individuals who are just as committed to you as a fire fighter is to make a difference in your life in your time of need.  But we need to understand that they’ve been told countless stories that these results and all future results of documented proof verifying the fact that cancer is 100% preventable as it is for the Hunza society in the Himalaya’s is ultimately untrue.  That those reports are somehow manipulated or coerced to appear to be more of a medical threat to your current condition and well-being only to make things far worse for you or a loved one than any actual benefit that anyone will surely receive.
  • I say to you, simply follow your heart, pray about it, and do what you know is right deep from within your soul!  Your intuition is screaming at you right now its time to move forward and take control from here!
  • Let me now emphasize just one more thing.  It is extremely important that you do NOT discuss any of this with your doctor or oncologist regarding your CHANGE in your DIETARY INTAKE.  Literally every oncologist and physician will not back up the information contained herein!  They have been severely mislead regarding the truth to this matter as such any action recommended here will be detrimental to any further treatment you or a loved one receives.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Please TRUST that absolutely NO PERSON on the planet has ever died or suffered permanent damage caused by any alleged ‘overdose’ of ingesting whole apricot kernels in human history.  Look for it on the internet and you’ll find the same negative results as I.
  • But just as the American Cancer Society won’t hesitate to kick you off their site for the rest of your life for mentioning apricot kernels in a chat room conversation that provides tremendous emotional support for victims and survivors alike, rest assured your oncologist or physician will do all he or she can do to convince you that literally any ingestion of apricot kernels will cause extreme detrimental permanent damage to any one of your multiple body systems that were created so you can enjoy a full and healthy life for years to come.  You know you are on to something BIG when everyone scrambles and acts irrationally when their multi-billion dollar money making machine that promotes their latest PATENTED cancer wonder drug of the week is threatened.
  • And yes, I am willing to go there like no other individual or entity by putting all of who I am on the line for you!  Am I at all worried about liability!?!  Only in the sense that intervention too late will obviously not turn a serious condition around but I totally realize your life is at stake here!  Yes, you need to understand this will not potentially work in every case but when caught early enough, incredible results have been documented as you will see below.  I have that much confidence this will make the huge difference you’re looking for in one’s well-being as you arm yourself and/or a loved one to fight against this 100% preventable disease called CANCER!
  • Testimonials:
  • First I’d like share about an 18 month old boy who had a very aggressive cancerous tumor located dangerously at the bottom of his spinal column at the waist line.
  • It was my friend’s/boss’s son when I lived and worked in the Napa Valley driving limousines and limousine buses.  I got word he was at Oakland’s Children Hospital Oncology Ward with his son diagnosed with a serious tumor threatening his life leaving him less than six months to live.  I immediately contacted him and began to educate him the facts and myths about cancer treatments and natural therapies as I have here.  Know I had a three year friendship with this man yet I still took nearly 10 days to articulate every detail to him so I didn’t sound like some crazed lunatic pushing snake oil or some other wild concoction and therefore risk him from ever hearing the full story regarding the benefits of integrating apricot kernels into his son’s diet as I have above.
  • Just as I recommend to you, I told him to pray with his wife to get them both on the same page.  They then ordered the kernels without further hesitation.  His son went in for a routine check literally hours before the kernels arrived that Tuesday afternoon.  His blood count was at the consistent 60 as the oncologists were then considering an aggressive chemotherapy treatment program to commence the following week.
  • When they arrived home, the immediate challenge was to figure out how to get these bitter, nasty tasting apricot kernels effortlessly past his son’s taste buds and somehow do it effortlessly for the rest of his life.  I suggested the use of a coffee grinder to ground up the five (5) ground apricot kernels he needed to treat him at the TREATMENT rate of one (1) kernel per five (5) pounds of body weight mixed with ‘Fruit at the Bottom’ yogurt (so the citric acid in the juice neutralizes the alkaline of the kernel to become a simple salt) and vanilla ice cream just to make it a treat for him.
  • [One (1) level tablespoon equals 12 ground apricot kernels]
  • In no time he was done and on his way out the door being a normal 18 month child playing with his twin brother.
  • The same regiment was maintained Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings before reporting the Oakland Children’s Hospital later that Friday afternoon.  When the blood work was taken, to literally everyone’s surprise, his tests indicated a score of 48!  It dropped a full 20% in only three and half days!  Because of the sudden drop, the sample was tested again and again the same number was verified!  Within the hour and after much confusion among his oncologists, the decision was made to postpone chemotherapy until the results of the following week were again verified.
  • Well you guessed it!  In the following weeks the numbers continued to plummet even further to nearly half  at 30 when the conversation came up to consider surgery to remove the tumor that was dangerously close to the nerves of the lower portion of his spinal column.  The MRI results confirmed the tumor now had definition as a cyst rather than an aggressive tumor as it became clear his body had begun to encapsulate the mass as a whole.  In the days that followed surgery was performed but instead of being under the knife for hours as expected to painstakingly avoid all the adjacent nerves, they were in and out in less than 45 minutes confident they got nearly 100% of the now solid mass that was very distinguishable from all the surrounding healthy, normal tissue.
  • The real kicker though is when Oakland Children’s Hospital was contacted for follow-up consultation for further treatment, the switchboard operator redirected all his calls no to Oncology but rather to the Hospital’s Legal Staff and soon he was reporting to the resident $500.00 per hour attorney who would only ask of him how he wanted to proceed.  What!?!  Proceed toward what!?!
  • When my friend called me wondering what in the world was going on it only took me a moment to explain in very simple terms:  There are thousands of children that pass through the doors of that very well renowned facility yet only one child has ever had a sudden improvement in his cancer treatment.  The results produced in the weeks since the apricot kernels were first introduced into his diet have never been recorded in the history of that facility.  Quite simply, he simply had an extremely justified lawsuit to sue for malpractice on the grounds of misdiagnosis.
  • I told him it was up to him what he wanted to do.  He gladly declined as he realized this horrific, frightening event in his son’s life had concluded and there was no further point to pursue anything but to continue to celebrate his life like he only dreamed when his twin boys entered into this world.  His son is now a happy, healthy completely normal seven and a half year old boy doing all the things his friends are doing with no clue how close he faced death at the hands of our current, extremely limited, cancer treatment system as we know it today.
  • A system that will continue until this information gets the notoriety it deserves to stop the unnecessary deaths within the borders of our great country simply because of the restraints enforced by our laws requiring the FDA testing and approval process at the cost of $100,000,000.00 and the resulting commitment to save the almighty dollar!  The numbers simply are not there to justify getting an approval on any medication, natural or synthetic, if it can’t be secured with a patent to turn a profit.
  • Next was a very dear friend of mine who I dated for a short while but when we realized it was never going to work we became best buds for years ever since.  She too was diagnosed but this time with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.  This is a tough one to catch as you might expect the signs and symptoms replicate so many other issues that ladies can experience as they approach menopause.
  • She wanted to spend what she was convince was to be her last Thanksgiving with her two very best friends; myself and another mutual friend of ours who I’ve known since the third grade.  I didn’t hesitate to make all the arrangements, picked her up at her front door, and we began our two and half hour trip to a small community in northern California.  On the way there I utilized every second to carefully articulate every detail that you’ve read above as she cried and explained her oncologist had given her only five months to live.
  • To fast forward I was able to lift her confidence a little but I knew nothing was going to change until she saw the proof in the weeks that followed.  She was an absolute mess most days not wanting to get out of bed fighting incredible depression.  I totally understood and supported her where ever I could when out of the blue her very surprised and confused oncologist reduced her diagnosis to Stage 3 and later Stage 2 totally bewildered and without any explanation.  Again, I told her to NOT inform her oncologist that she was making a slight adjustment to her dietary food intake.  We simply did not need to mix the pot and fight the words of a trusted oncologist that she was taking apricot kernels at a rate of one (1) per five pounds of body weight each day.
  • In the weeks that followed her numbers continued to drop until the decision was made to have a complete hysterectomy.  When they went in, again it took less than half the anticipated time under the knife because the diagnosed tumors were transformed into simple benign cysts.  She recovered fully in record time and not only was she present for her son’s high school graduation that she was convinced she would have been long since deceased, but she was there for his college graduation ceremony last year as well!  She is forever grateful I shared with this ‘gift of life’ to her to consider an alternative cancer treatment program than the only resort of chemotherapy which would have only caused more depression in the short time before she was would have died.
  • 100% RECOVERY!  Totally unlike ‘remission’ but rather now a 100% preventable condition armed with a cell reproduction regulator on board at the rate of one (1) apricot kernel per ten (10) pounds of body weight for the rest of her life too!
  • Lastly for now, when I moved to Iowa from sunny and warm northern California in 2008, I met my best friend who worked graveyard shift with another gentleman whose nine (9) year old son was diagnosed with a very rare strain of leukemia.  He too was given only a few months to possibly live as he didn’t respond positively to any other “acceptable” FDA approved treatment options.  The decision was made to provide quality of life over dragging things on for a few extra months causing him to suffer the misery of the effects of yet another round of more aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.
  • We need to get something really clear about chemotherapy before proceeding.  Radical cancer cells are weaker than the normal counter parts that they were trying to replace.  A body without a cell reproduction regulator on board to maintain the 1:1 ratio will continue to generate these radical cancer cells.  Everyone body is different as some produce more radical cells than others to be or not to be detected by today’s medical apparatus.  The idea behind chemical therapy is to poison the entire body with just enough of a DEADLY SERUM to kill off the weaker radical cancer cells.  The hope is the body will somehow recover in the weeks and months that follow this induced POISONING with a resulting fewer number of radical cancer cells, hair follicle cells, skin cells, and healthy finger nail cells to bring the numbers within an acceptable range and hopefully below what our current medical equipment is able to detect reaching the point what is known as “remission.”
  • May I emphasize the problem is far from solved regardless of the numbers that may make someone “feel” like they are in remission.  For without a cell reproduction regulator in place, the problem will persist literally forever.  Putting more oil in your car engine every time it gets low on oil does not repair the leaking rear main seal that continues to leak every moment the engine is running!  The same negative result occurs in our bodies with the absence of a cell reproduction regulator that God has provided us when we don’t eat the seeds and apricot kernels as directed in Genesis 1:29.
  • To finish the story about this very weak nine (9) year old boy, who knew for a fact his number was up long before the end of the school year, began a regiment of one (1) ground up apricot kernel per five (5) pounds of body weight mixed with ‘Fruit at the Bottom’ yogurt and vanilla ice cream every morning before school.  Within weeks his numbers plummeted just as they did in every other case listed and not listed on this website – Another child with 100% recovery as the oncology staff again are left scratching their heads putting this one up as an unexplained miracle too!
  • His father is so grateful I was able to share this information as you can well imagine now that it’s been several years long past his son’s “expiration” date. I am so grateful to simply make the difference that I have been blessed to make with this knowledge but I want to take it to the whole next level.  I want to go public on an unprecedented scale so all can receive and enjoy the full life we all deserve cancer free!
  • Perhaps with your testimonial too, I can get the momentum necessary to push this over the top and expose the FDA, the American Cancer Society, and all the large pharmaceutical companies forcing them all to beg for forgiveness for discouraging a viable natural remedy as this and for focusing all their efforts to secure the almighty dollars that they continue strip from the suffering citizens of this great United States of America.
  • I will be adding many more testimonials in the days that follow.  But I hope there is enough information to get you into action and consider the possibilities of a full recovery executing a logical, sound, healthy, and viable treatment program that costs as little as a few bucks a day when incorporating the Manna360 nutritional shake that is available at the top of this website page at:…and apricot kernels that can be ordered at:
  • My recommended CANCER TREATMENT program for a CANCER VICTIM is:
  •  In the personal food processer such as the Oster brand I have simply add approximately 8 ounces of 100% fruit juice such as orange or grape (about half full) which will neutralize the alkaline of the ground apricot kernels.
    2.  Add one (1) recommended scoop of the Manna360 nutritional shake.
    3.  Add ¾ cup of frozen mixed fruit available at Sam;s Club or WalMart.  I combine the mango, peach, strawberry, and pineapple frozen fruit with a Berry Medley of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranate.
    4.  Add one (1) raw egg for added protein.
    5.  Add one (1) apricot kernel per five (5 lbs.) pounds of body weight which has been ground up in any coffee grinder in which one (1) level tablespoon of ground kernels is equal to 12 apricot kernels or every sixty pounds of body weight.
    6.  Blend for 30 seconds and you’re on your way out the door to start your day with an awesome shake that tastes great just like a ‘Fruit Smoothie’ with all the nutrition your body needs to fully function throughout your entire day.  Manna360 is a meal replacement shake that has literally every nutrient your body needs to function properly from sun up to sun down!  There is nothing like it anywhere else on the entire globe!  Incredible!
  • My recommended MAINTENANCE program to prevent cancer for EVERYONE:
  • Identical to the CANCER TREATMENT program above with the exception that you only need to consume one (1) apricot kernel per ten (10lbs.) pounds of body weight ground up in any coffee grinder in which one (1) level tablespoon is equal to 12 ground apricot kernels or therefore every 120 pounds body weight.
  • I wish you all my best as you find the confidence to take matters in your own hands to implement a sound and proper cancer treatment program that works for you and your loved ones.  Feel free to call or email as you see fit.  Here’s to a happy and healthy cancer free life from here forward for all!  All my best! Cheers!    😉

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