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Discover the HEN-Way System Here

The 'dual-hoselay' hen-way method, reduces the total GPM to supply the attack nozzle and each lateral by one-half (1/2); thus the square of the fraction (GPM/100) is 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4; friction loss in each compared GPM affected section is reduced by as much as an incredible full 75% less!


HEN-Way Method: 1000 Feet Length with 320 Feet Elevation


Can I Extend?


Standard Method: 1000 Feet Length with 320 Feet Elevation

HEN-Way vs Standard

HEN-Way Methodology


Standard Methodology


Amazing Features

Increase Firefighter Safety

Simple Interface

Just set hose length and elevation, and the app will do the rest.

Clear Warnings

The app will clearly let you know if you are close to, or exceeding, safety limits.

Dark Mode Enabled

Us the native modes on your phone for light or dark mode, the app will adjust accordingly.

Easy Switching

Switch between Standard & HEN-Way modes (as well as Attack & Overhaul for both) with the click of a button.


KNOW you can produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of the nozzle when conditions are possible.


Simple Interface

Welcome to one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in Wildland Fire Service history.


Easy To Use

A world's first ever 'TOTAL' Engine Pressure (EP) calculator, both for Apple (iOS) and Android devices.


Reliable Results

Simplify the required mathematical processes in which you, as a driver/operator, are accountable under NFPA 1002.


Use Anywhere

Produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of the nozzle, under all possible conditions.

Frequently asked questions

A quick overview of what the HFT Fire App does.

Welcome to one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in Wildland Fire Service history.  A world's first ever 'TOTAL' Engine Pressure (EP) calculator, both in the Apple (iOS) and Android phone app versions and mechanical slide-rule formats, to simplify the required mathematical processes in which you, as a driver/operator, are accountable under NFPA 1002:

Not only are you expected to retain and effectively demonstrate the required requisite knowledge to perform the necessary procedures to engage any pump on any fire apparatus, but also mandated to estimate the TOTAL Engine Pressure to ensure your actions:

'Produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of the nozzle.' ...under ALL conditions.  ...or STOP ALL PROGRESSION as the fire apparatus maximum pump pressure has been exceeded to ensure SAFETY of your crew!

For the first time, we are no longer limited to a pencil, paper, and a calculator, scribbling furiously on the dash or hood of our engine to even begin to remember how to solve multiple calculations with multiple variables as we did in the comfort of a classroom years ago. Yet, we are all accountable to NFPA 1002 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.156 to demonstrate the requisite knowledge of one of the most challenging mathematical calculation processes we will ever face as a driver/operator. And especially when the stuff is hitting the fan when we have neither the time nor the resources to even begin estimating "TOTAL" Engine Pressure (EP). Let alone the requirement to produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of the nozzle, that I am first to admit that none of us could ever hope to realistically accomplish in the field!

As everyone knows, it's essentially unrealistic to even begin to estimate "TOTAL" Engine Pressure (EP) accurately, let alone in REAL-TIME, when we have neither the resources nor the tools to do so and still remain safety compliant.

We are proud to announce, the era determined by excessive complexity has finally ended! You can now secure the confidence you will produce an effective fire stream at the rated flow of any nozzle out of sight and hundreds of feet away. That this technology will allow you to accomplish in mere seconds that I am first to admit has always been essentially nearly impossible to accomplish in the field upon any amount of effort. And do so manually with the world's first-ever mechanical Wildland Fire http://HydrualicsSlideRule.com in the event your phone dies.

Given need is the mother of all invention, and I so get the need for ALL to be OSHA compliant to ensure the safety of our personnel, I am honored to finally present to you a phone app and mechanical slide-rule (glove box SAFETY back-up) that requires only a few easy steps upon considering only a few critical variables as I do all the math for ya!

‘TOTAL’ Engine Pressure (EP) = Nozzle Pressure (NP) + Friction Loss (FL) [(GPM/100)^2 * “C” * L/100] (+) or (-) HEAD.

However, even the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) 's Third Edition of 'Pumping  Apparatus Driver Operator Handbook' © 2015 does NOT consider the USDA Forest Service consistent results verified upon 21st-century technology repeated identical experiments (science) at the San Dimas Training and Development Center (SDTDC) in 2006 as significant.  The coefficients ("C) as they apply to the equation above, one (1") inch hose has INCREASED at a 67% ERROR while the one and a half (1 ½") hose has INCREASED 47%!

The HFT Fire and Rescue Technologies and Equipment calculation system has finally set the record straight. Finally, one of the most complicated mathematical processes to ensure the safety of our nozzle personnel can be accomplished in mere seconds... in the field... where it truly counts... so you can focus on the other REAL priorities... in REAL-TIME!

A first-ever tool to meet this NFPA 1002, Chapter 8 – Wildland Fire Apparatus requirement to ensure our personnel's safety at every 100' foot advancement of a wildland fire progressive hoselay. A calculation process that is rarely implemented because we neither have the time nor resources to estimate while engaged in our normal course of duties properly.

'TOTAL' engine pressure (EP) in mere seconds as we balance all other priorities as incident mitigation, resource management, and coordination, crew supervision, etc.

A tool never before available to ensure SAFETY and location and condition accountability of all our fireline personnel.

None of us want to be in the crosshairs of a legal matter, especially upon the additional stress due to a 100% preventable injury or death, but is it not our moral obligation to be trained with the best technologies to safely put our life on the line for others. 

Please visit http://HydraulicsApp.com and http://HydraulicsSlideRule.com for the SAFETY of your crew; to finally pump the proper engine pressure to ensure proper nozzle pressure and flow at literally every step of a wildland fire hoselay… until the Maximum 400 PSI is achieved. 


Download The World's First Water Tender Calculator

Download the world's first Water Shuttle Tender Calculator in Excel format for free!

Download The Calculator Here:

Download Excel File Download Help File Get a Free Trial

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